Coconut oil weight loss pill

Coconut oil capsules for diet

Almost everyone today is crazy about losing weight which explains why diet pills like fat blockers, fat burners, and coconut oil weight loss pills are gaining popularity in the market.

Supposedly, diet pills are only prescribed by doctors to patients who are severely obese. This is because prescribed and over-the-counter dietary tablets generally have several unpleasant side effects.

The effect of the pills outweighs the side effects only when an individual who takes them suffer worse cases of obesity. That is why, when you feel you are just fat, see the doctor first because a slight change in the diet and some physical activity might just be the only solution.

Anyway, here are some common types of weight loss pills available in the market today.

Weight Loss Pill Guide

• Fat Burners – this type aids your digestive system to raise your metabolic rate and burn more calories. Fat burners may also increase energy. Side effects of these pills can be as serious as heart attack, stroke, seizures, and death.

• Appetite Suppressants – helps in regulating calorie intake by lessening the feel of hunger. This type of weight loss capsule can be a cause of insomnia, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, and nervousness.

• Detoxification Products – has ingredients that help in flushing away toxins that slow down your metabolism and are said to eliminate wastes that are stored in your body.

The major problem with using detoxifying pills it could lead to loss of water and fat that may result to weakness, feeling sick and recurring headaches.

• Fat blockers
This pill prevents your body from absorbing certain amounts of fat (especially from the food you eat) and instead flushes the fat away through the digestive system.

Unabsorbed fat, however, may effect to frequent bowel movements and fatty stools which can often go out of control, much more, embarrassing. In addition, fat blockers may stop fat-soluble vitamins from being absorbed that can lead to some vitamin deficiency.

• Fiber supplements
These can be in pill or powder form. As science would state it, fiber is essential in digestion as it keeps bowel movement normal and regular. It also transports cholesterol out of the body, thus, it reduces the risk of heart ailments.

However, taking fiber pills do not encourage dietary balance. This is because fiber-rich foods contain other nutrients that the body needs and supplements do not necessarily have these nutrients. Besides, fruits, vegetables, and grains which are rich in fiber are readily available in the market.

How about Coconut Oil Weight Loss Pill?

Natural way is the best way – the saying may be old, but it is still true. You might have heard about coconut oil – refined coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil – associated with countless benefits on health, nutrition, and beauty. You might have already read as well about the coconut diet and coconut diet recipes as the possible most effective way to lose weight. But does this mean coconut oil weight loss capsule is a convenient and equally effective option?

Coconut oil diet capsules are soft gels that can hold up to 1 gram of coconut oil. Though these are now available in the market, nutritionists and experts on coconut oil do not usually recommend this.

According to naturopath physician Dr. Bruce Fife, an average person needs three and a half tablespoons of virgin coconut oil in a day. A tablespoon of coconut oil is equivalent to fourteen (14) grams. This means that to meet the dietary dosage of 3.5 tablespoons of coco oil, you would have to take 49 coconut oil weight loss pills. Imagine taking that much coconut oil weight loss capsules in a day?

If you come to think of it too, bottles of virgin coco oil for your consumption is more cost-efficient than buying bulks of coconut oil capsules for diet.

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Coconut oil weight loss pill

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