Tropical traditions

Features their coconut oil processing technique which is cold press. Specializes in coconut products, they constantly adding more products to offer its customers as they move forward and find people producing products that meet our high standards.

Coconut research institute of Sri Lanka

Research center in Sri Lanka which primary goal is the promotion of new techniques in the processing of coconut products. Established as the coconut research scheme in 1928, and was later developed into a fully fledged national research organization and a centre of excellence in coconut research and development in Asia and the Pacific Region.


You,ll find different coconut oil processing techniques in this section of a site. Established in 1972, they have been providing a unified and focused direction for national research and development efforts in agriculture, forestry, and natural resources in the Philippines.

Niir project consultancy services

Company that evaluate products: know about the efficiency of different coconut oil processing technique. Provides prudent advice regarding a business when diversification is on the anvil, when an entrepreneur is up against lack of information before starting a project;

Nature,s wild child

Informative site about techniques in coconut oil processing. They are using the non-copra processing techniques.

International food enterprise

Coconut oil processing technique of this Malaisian company. Started since 2000 this company focuses in coconut products. They have the best processing machineries for many kind of food products.


Their coconut oil processing technique produces a pure, natural, unrefined extra virgin coconut oil. They uses a totally different approach to coconut compared to that of the copra industry.

Coconut oil directory